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A message from your friends at Les Zygomates

March 16, 2020

In light of the rapidly developing situation as the country and the Commonwealth responds to the Covid-19 pandemic, Les Zygomates will be suspending all operations this week (March 16 – March 21) as we develop a plan on how best to take care of our employees and guests. More information to follow via this website and our social media accounts as we move forward. Take care of each other as we will be doing the same. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

With affection,

Your Friends at Les Zygomates

A Message from your Friends at Les Zygomates

March 15, 2020

To our friends and valued guests,

We here at Les Zygomates are a fortunate bunch.  We have the honor of opening our doors everyday, hosting a lunch bustling with business deals and discussions; or a longer “déjeuner” of close friends enjoying food, wine and each other’s company.  As the day goes on, our bars become lively meeting spots full of co-workers and oyster-philes, indulging in the tasty bivalves for just a $1.  Nighttime is a real treat for us as we host a true French soirée full of candlelight, live jazz by the best musicians in Boston and beyond, along with exquisite cuisine and truly personable service.  We are very fortunate, cherishing the many wonderful people and experiences in 25 years of opening our doors.

During this challenging time of uncertainty, our message to you is simple:  we will continue to open our doors and care for our guests like we would members of our own family which, as far as we’re concerned, you already are.

For those preferring to enjoy our food in the comfort of their home or office, may we suggest ordering takeout via phone (call: 617.542.5108) or online (www.winebar129.com).  We have partnered with a wonderful app called Allset (www.allsetnow.com) which offers further incentives for first-time users.

It continues to be our distinct pleasure opening our doors to our friends.  Take care of each other and, as always, we look forward to serving you.


Your friends at Les Zygomates

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