Miss Dale’s work is currently showcased in two Boston restaurant spaces. Both located in the downtown historic Leather District on South Street~ Bel Ari:Italian Modern and Les Zygomates (ZYG’s). The venues are under new ownership as of January 2014 and completely renovated with an chic urban edgy vibe.

My art has always tended to be centered around people, all walks of life and from all places and interests. I would characterize my portrait work as realism with and edge and a fingerprint. My pieces are not perfect by intent, you can see my hand in the work. It always interests me to watch viewers of my work~ and the pieces they are drawn too. Because of my range of interests, it seems there’s something in my work to capture someone in some special way….I always come back to the expression of people in their spaces…making Les Zygomates a perfect venue for my new body of art, a place where everyone can find something in my work they connect with…like the words in a song or the keys played in a piano riff.
–Janice Eve Dale

Zygs is very well suited for her portrait work ~ a Bistro and live Jazz. Les Zygomates attracts a wide range of creative clientele. The eclectic nature of a Jazz venue works hand in hand with the wide range of techniques and stylizations of her portrait work on exhibit.

See more of Janice at here website: http://www.janicedaleart.com/

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